Signature Collection on Sale Now!!!
Signature Collection on Sale Now!!!
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Pardon My Sweat was created to help motivate women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels to participate in healthy behaviors. The brand was designed by Keneitra Brown, a healthcare provider, life and wellness coach, and the creator of the Under Renovation women's movement. Under Renovation is a self-improvement brand that aims to empower women to find their true authentic selves, walk in their purpose, and be the best version of themselves by providing education, encouragement, and motivation. 


Keneitra Brown is a Life Renovation Coach and an integrative health care provider. She uses her 15 years of health care experience and knowledge, as well as her own experiences and life lessons to guide, motivate, and empower women to find and love their true authentic selves, improve their physical and emotional health, to walk in their purpose and to be the best version of themselves. She created the #IamUnderRenovation movement to help women address their emotional, relationship, education, career, and financial issues, as well as health and physical issues. She believes that before you move forward, you have to start with renovating yourself. Her Under Renovation model guides women in the process of self-love, removing self-hate and doubt, healing from past hurt, eliminating toxic relationships, and gaining the confidence and strength to attain their goals and foster healthy relationships.

Keneitra is a mother to two boys, ages 10 and 4. She is currently a physician assistant in New Orleans, LA. She received her medical training at Howard University in Washington, DC. She is also currently a doctoral student and will be earning her Ph.D. in Public Health this year.